The Talent Amongst our Community

On Thursday, April 9th Midnight Run hosted heART of Milwaukee at Redeemer Lutheran Church on the corner of 19th and Wisconsin. This was a night of showcasing talent, authentic tunes, laughter, and a stronger sense of community. Members of the Marquette and Milwaukee community came together to show their support for the arts and community building.


The first hour was a social hour were friends were had the opportunity to snack on food provided by Troop Cafe and  listen to live music. Troop Cafe is a nonprofit cafe located at 3430 W. Wisconsin Avenue that provides food service and hospitality training to US Veterans along with serving meals to the public.

At 7pm the performances began with a beautiful poem about loss performed by a fellow Marquette student. The thunderstorm echoing outside of the church throughout the event add such an eerie and special feeling to the night. This was a night of brave souls whom look leaps of faith on trying something new and sharing on issues in our community. There was a performance by the man behind Humans of Milwaukee that shed light on homelessness and a women’s sexuality. My friend Tim also had the chance of performing a few songs for the audience with his new guitar.


The last of performance of the night spoke volumes to me. A Marquette nursing student performed an original spoken word poem inspired by a teacher she met while service learning at an elementary school in the Milwaukee area. This poem emphasized how these teachers wear many hats ranging from being a mentor, friend, nurse, tutor and cheerleader helping them walk through the many obstacles the children face on a daily basis.

All were invited to this community event as a way to celebrate the many talents of our community and its great to see how well the night went. A big thank you to the Midnight Run team and all the hard work they put into this organization. Can’t wait to see what this organization does next!


5 thoughts on “The Talent Amongst our Community

  1. Parisa,
    I never knew about this event until reading about it now! Midnight Run is an awesome organization on campus – I’m not surprised it put on such an eye-opening and beneficial event for the community. I’ll definitely have to take part next year. Thanks so much for sharing this.


  2. Parisa,

    Wow this is so awesome! Midnight Run always does such a great job of putting on events that better the Milwaukee area! I am so proud that this organization is a part of this great campus community. I can’t wait to learn more about different events that they put on!


  3. Parisa,
    This is really interesting! I’ve been looking for a long time for a place that allows people to perform poetry or songs. I think it’s very important that we showcase the talent that Milwaukee has. This sounds like a great cause and a great organization, and I’m excited to learn more about it. Thanks!


  4. Parisa,
    I found this so interesting. This is such a cool idea and and awesome way to allow students to express themselves. It really sounds like an awesome organization. It was really awesome to hear more about this! Thank you for sharing it!


  5. Parisa,

    I loved this! I loved the Heart of Milwaukee night, and it truly showed how each person has a story and how each person is the way they are for a reason. That was so evident that night. I especially loved Tim’s performance!
    Thanks for the piece!


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